VW Glove Box Table (T5 & T5.1)

VW Glove Box Table (T5 & T5.1)


Welcome to the Glove Box Table - For VW Transporters T5 & T5.1 This is our newest model we have released. Which fits inside the center slot of a T5 or T5.1. It's designed to be stored away in the Glove Box. The GBT now comes in 2 variants: The Ebony engraved wooden version and The Premium Acrylic Version. The wooden version can have any design etched onto the top, its then treated with Bee's Wax (100% Natural) - Please enter your description in the custom text field, and send us the design via email or Messenger, The Acrylic version can have a range of colors added as the top part (a 3mm lip is also created).

Check out the blog video.


Colour for Acrylic Lip